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Kelvin L. Reed grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin along with his five brothers. He attended college in his home state, eventually earning a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Kelvin's first novel, Rookie Year: Journey of a First-Year Teacher, about a teacher who tames a group of unruly inner city students, was published in 1999. His second novel, Midnight Sunshine, a love story about a shy American accountant and his Philippine "mail-order bride," was published in 2003. His third book, President Pro Tem, published in 2010, was the first American novel to feature an African American female as the president of the United States. His fourth novel, Guilt by Association, about a black attorney defending a white supremacist who has killed a twelve-year black girl, was published in 2013. Once a Month is Kelvin's fifth novel.

Kelvin resides in Las Vegas with his wife, and currently works as a public school counselor. When he's not writing he enjoys reading, taking walks and watching reality crime shows.
Ocean of Fear: A Cruise FBI Thriller (2014) is an intriguing novel about Baxter Cruise, a brilliant young man working on his masterís degree in robotics. Baxter is forced to help a dangerous, ruthless drug cartel build a robotic system that will move their product underwater, knowing when heís finishes he will be killed. However, determined FBI Special Agent Claudia Seagal is searching for him. Itís a well told story that turns up the action towards the second half. Strongly recommended. August 11, 2017

Ocean of Fear: A Cruise FBI Thriller
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Baby Talk: Books 1 & 2 (2014) by Mike Wells is a unique horror novel about Neal, a reluctant husband and father, who discovers his five-month-old daughter is evil and able to act on her evil impulsesóand she can talk! Father and daughter eventually embark in a battle of wills, in which only one can win. A terrific read. Karin Allersí narration is extremely effective. Highly recommended. August 12, 2017

Baby Talk: Books 1& 2
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