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Once a Month excerpt from Chapter Three

    Tony didn't care much for getting a needle stuck in his arm. He didn't like needles. He turned his attention back to the game but continued listening to Rose, the most important woman in his life, and Cam, a trusted family friend and the godmother to his children, discuss what he still considered to be a very bizarre proposition. It was like being a witness to an avant-garde performance. On top of that, their negotiations shifted in tone and content. Sometimes they would agree on an issue immediately.
    "Any one of us can choose to end this thing at any time."
    "No problem."
    Sometimes they would argue over some small detail.
    "He'll come see you after dinner..."
    Sometimes without warning, they would switch to talking about something that had nothing to do with the arrangement.
    "Rose, what is that sweet color on your nails?"
    Then they would get back to business. Sometimes the discussion made him grimace.
    "Look, Cam, he mounts you once. That's it."
    "Hell no. For ten grand it's over when I say it's over."
    "Well, just make sure he takes a shower. I don't want my husband coming home with sticky dicky."
    Tony frowned. How had Rose allowed Cam to talk her into this?
    "God Almighty, Cam. When did you get that beautiful watch? That must have set you back a few grand."
    Tony frowned. Rose had provided the answer to his question.
    After nearly fifteen more minutes Cam shrugged. "I think we're about done," she concluded. "Just a couple more things. You said Tony would be out 'late.' I'd like him to spend the night." She lowered her head. "You know, leave in the morning after the sun comes up."
    Tony could hear the sadness and loneliness in Cam's voice. He couldn't help but feel sorry for her.
    "Fine," Rose said. "But remember, it's not a date. I'm loaning him to you for money."
    Tony winced. Apparently Rose couldn't help but relish a moment in which Cam had to beg, for a change.

" A fun read and solidly recommended."
Midwest Book Review

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"Reed does a good job of showing the challenges of learning to love someone and overcome their differences."
Rowena Winfrey, Readincolor Reviewers

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